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What is going on in Italy?

I recently returned from an assignment in Italy, including Sicily.  I had to photograph travelers on the tour and also the sites we went to.  I believe that most people who visit ancient Greek and Roman sites would like to see what is left of the temples, houses and amphitheaters. Hundreds of tourists are visiting the sites.  It was very disappointing to see the amphitheaters: they were covered up with benches, plastic chairs and a stage (such as the theater above in Syracuse), sometimes not allowing seeing any of the original construction.  I asked the guide why they do it and her reply was chocking: a few months later they have a film festival.  If you like to see the theater without the covering, you have to come between November and February.  Unfortunately this happened in every amphitheater we saw: there were musical, opera, and other performances scheduled months down the road. I think that it is great to have a film festival or an opera performance, but why does it have to be in a place like an ancient site where thousands of people come to see these old wonders?  I would suggest building a stage on a field in an ancient site and keeping the original architecture uncovered.  What is wrong with Italy?

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Posted June 5, 2015 | Categories: Photography, The Concerned Traveler, and Travel.

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