©Wolfgang Kaehler

Smoky Mountains Sunrise Panorama

Smoky Mountains Sunrise Panorama: Here is another image from the Mentor Series Smoky Mountains.  There are many viewpoints in the National Park.  When we were photographing the sunrise on day 3, I took a series of five images for a panorama which I stitched together at home on my desktop computer.  There are different programs for stitching such as Photoshop, Lightroom, or Windows Live Photo Gallery which is a free program from Microsoft. In order to get the images for a panorama, I turn off the auto focus and use manual exposure so the images are exposed the same.  I always measure the exposure on the center image. If you forget to switch to manual, you will get different tones in each image and it will show in your panorama.  I use a tripod and level the camera horizontally with a bubble level.

ND4_2896 Stitch2

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