Indonesia Photo Tour Day 7&8

By Michelle Alten


In addition to observing the orangutans, who seem quite interested in observing us, we head out in the evening for a boat ride on the Black River.  We are searching for proboscis monkeys.  As we set off, palm reflections glisten in the dark water.  The palms rustle in a breeze, taunting us as we scan the vegetation for the primates.  Then there is the unmistakable crashing and thrashing of a creature moving through the jungle.  The unmistakable silhouettes of humanlike creatures run through the trees—a band of about twenty monkeys. 

Orangutan mother with baby
Orangutan mother with baby
The Black River
Proboscis monkey
Kuala fishing village
Squid fishing boats at Kuala fishing village

Day 8

At the sanctuary, emphasis is placed on saving Kalimantan’s orangutan habitat and educating local villages about the importance of preserving the forest.  In the morning Imam leads us to a spot where they are planting, and we each plant one of about seven endemic tree species.  As cicadas and other insects buzz and growl, we gingerly place the saplings into their new forest home.

Overview of the secondary rain forest in eastern Kalimantan.
The Wolfies tree planting party
The Wolfies tree planting