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Camargue and Provence Photo Tour Day 5

Camargue and Provence Photo Tour Day 5

By Michelle Alten

Day 5 – How could the Romans erect such a magnificent three story, 157 foot high structure as the Pont du Gard Aqueduct around 50 AD?   As we strolled the ancient stones of the remarkable bridge, the highest the Romans ever built, we contemplated this accomplishment.  The museum displays the engineering that enabled the builders to hoist giant rocks with wooden cranes and form strong archways with templates.

We walked across the aqueduct and followed paths alongside the river.  Bathers swam in the refreshing waters beneath the monument, while red and orange kayaks made their way down stream.  In a restaurant overlooking this stunning setting, we dined on Provencal cuisine—squash and tomatoes filled with pork and surrounded by a delicate tomato sauce.

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