©Wolfgang Kaehler

Baja California with Un-Cruise – Day 5

by Michelle Alten –  Photographs by Wolfgang Kaehler

Isla San Francisco

We hike a trail through the desert past small-leafed elephant trees, prickly pear, and chain link cholla until we reach the skinny trail that climbs the red rocks and follows a ridge.  As we ascend, the view of the bay and a rocky bluff across the water become an artist’s canvas.  Bands of color paint the rocks like stripes in a petit four.  Hiking the ridge, I look down on a solitary cormorant, perched on a rock like a yogi seeking solitude.  Yellow-footed gulls on the beach below laugh, while frigate birds roost on a cliff ledge above the water.

Elephant trees (Burseraceae family) on San Francisco Island, Sea of Cortez in Baja California, Mexico. View of colorful rocky landscape on San Francisco Island, Sea of Cortez, Baja California, Mexico.

Elephant tree                                                                                 Isla San Francisco colorful rock formations


After hiking the ridge, Wolf walks to a beach where aubergine sea stars bathe in sleepy pools.  I paddle board off the beach meditating on the tap, tat, clonk of the water drumming on the board.

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