©Wolfgang Kaehler

Smoky Mountains NP – Mentor Series

September 18 - 20, 2015

I am looking forward to this trek.  Having photographed in North Carolina before, I believe that the Smoky Mountains are a must for the photographer.  You will be photographing Mountain Farm Museum and Mingus Mill, soft silky water & falls throughout the park, Morton Overlook, and Oconaluftee Overlook, just to mention a few of the spots we will visit. All of this with the opportunities to ask questions and have your mentors teach you on how to get the best shot.  The details are here, and again, if you use the Mentor Code WK50, you’ll save $50.

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TOUR CLOSED. Please email us at [email protected] for information about future editions of this tour.


Trip Details

Smoky Mountains National Park Mentor Series Photo Workshop Itinerary September 18-20, 2015

Friday, September 18th, 2015

9:00am Workshop Registration

9:15am Workshop introduction

9:30am Meet your Mentor – Wolfgang Kaehler

10:00am Break

10:15am Meet your Mentor – Layne Kennedy

11-12pm Camera Q & A (menu settings, histograms, white balance, etc..)

12:15-1:30pm Lunch on your own

1:30pm Depart for Mountain Farm Museum and Mingus Mill

2-3:30pm Photograph the unique collection of farm buildings assembled including a log farmhouse, barn, apple house, springhouse, and a working blacksmith shop to get a sense of how families may have lived 100 years ago.

3:30pm Depart for the Campbell Overlook

4-5:00pm Photograph the view up the valley to Bull Head peak and, farther up, to Balsam Point

5:30pm Bus departs for the highest point in Smoky Mountains: Clingman’s Dome

6-8:00pm Photograph Sunset view from Clingman’s Dome

8:15pm Depart back to the hotel

8:30pm Dinner on your own

Download your images for tomorrow’s digital review session

Saturday, September 19th, 2015

6:00am Bus departs for Smoky Mountains National Park to shoot Sunrise

6:30-10am Photograph Sunrise at Cades Cove An 11 mile loop road that leads us through breathtaking pastoral scenery, complete with historic cabins, churches, beautiful country lanes, primitive churches, turkeys, deer

10:00am Depart back to the hotel

11:00-2pm Lunch on your own, download and edit your images, break Select a few images for review session with your mentor

2-3:30pm Digital review session: show 5 images on your laptop

3:45pm Depart to Upper Tremont Rd, SMNP

4-6:00pm Photograph various streams, soft silky water & falls throughout the park

6:00pm Depart for Morton Overlook

6:30-8pm Photograph sunset view at Morton Overlook

8:15pm Depart back to the hotel

8:30pm Dinner on your own Download your images for tomorrow’s digital review session

Sunday, September 20th, 2015

5:30am Bus departs to the Smoky Mountains N.P. for sunrise shoot

6-8:00am Photograph sunrise from Oconaluftee Overlook

8:30-10:30am Breakfast on your own/Pack & Check out

10:30-12noon Final Digital review session: show 5 images on your laptop

11:30am Turn in 5 images for the final slide show

12:15pm Final slide show, workshop closing Itinerary subject to change