©Wolfgang Kaehler

Mongolia Photo Tour: The Eagle Festival

Back in Ulaanbaatar with internet.  We had a great time at the Golden Eagle Festival in Ulgii, western Mongolia.  Here are some photos.


Yuriko with eagle hunter Dalahan

Kokpar (goat dragging) competition

Portrait of Khazak man

Eagle hunter

Golden Eagle

Eagle hunters

Young female eagle hunters

Eagle hunter during the eagle calling competition

3 Responses to “Mongolia Photo Tour: The Eagle Festival”

  1. dean kayler

    Stunning Wolfgang. Leslie and I and my son were there in 1985 on an elk hunt. lived in a yert for a week. hell of a expectance. Love the pictures and hi to Judy Sear. Dean.

  2. Cherie

    Isn’t that goat dragging making the animal suffer? It looks barbaric. Maybe you can explain it to me.


  3. wolfgang

    Hi Cherie – it is not a live animal, just a stuffed skin.