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Camargue and Provence Photo Tour Day 3

Camargue and Provence Photo Tour Day 3

By Michelle Alten



























Day 3 – As the sun rises, casting a golden glow over the sand dunes, a stallion rears, impeccably trained by his guardian.  His silhouette in the morning light creates the memorable images we have come for.  After the sunrise, a morning mist paints a pastel sea and sky.  Ramses gallops through the hillocks of sand, along the beach, and through the tranquil sea.

By mid-morning we return to the peaceful courtyard of our hotel and breakfast beneath the towering plantain trees.  During the warm daytime hours, we swim in the shaded pool, read, and dine at Aigues-Mortes’ creative restaurants.

As the softer light returns and the heat begins to subside, we head to a secluded beach, hidden beyond the marshes.  Three guardians arrive on horseback, herding five white horses.  The horses thunder through a channel and the surf.  After a break to roll in the sand, they gallop through the water until their coats glisten like freshly fallen snow.

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