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Camargue and Provence Photo Tour Day 2

Camargue and Provence Photo Tour Day 2

By Michelle Alten

Day 2 –  Run with the Wolfies means waking before dawn to see the Camargue as it slowly stirs and slips into morning.  In the marshes we capture with cameras Greater flamingos, Grey herons, European white storks, and Black winged stilts as they embrace the morning light.  The rose-colored flamingos quietly slip their beaks into the water, skimming and searching for tiny shrimp.  Occasionally a soft chatter erupts between them as another group swoops in, landing close by.

Greater flamingo



During the day, the Provençal sun bathes the town in light.  We savor a siesta, lazy lunches, and a refreshing swim.  Then it is off to the Camargue bulls.  We stomp through the water in our waders and wait for the guardians, the Camargue cowboys, to appear.  Suddenly black bulls come rushing towards us with the guardians dashing beside them on horseback. Bursting through the reeds and blasting through the water, the bulls throw a cascade of droplets into the air.

Wolfies on the way to the bulls

Bulls running through the swamp


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