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Wolfgang’s Top Ten — #9. Rwanda, Volcano National Park

As a professional travel photographer, Wolf has traveled to over 160 countries around the world. Here is the countdown of his top 10 favorite destinations.




#9. Rwanda, Volcano National Park

Rain battered the forest as Wolf and a group of photography buffs followed a guide through the jungle of Volcano National Park in Rwanda. Amidst the hammering rain, they spotted a band of gorillas squatting together trying to keep warm. With a machete, the guide hacked through some brush so they could observe the impressive primates. A silverback, the adult male, hunkered in the brush enduring the unrelenting deluge. The water poured off Wolf’s hat and streamed down the gorillas back. Wolf eyed the silverback and the silverback eyed him. Neither seemed pleased with this uncalled-for assault. Wolf had no intention of photographing in such a torrent. But moments later, he couldn’t resist. He pulled out his Nikon and began shooting images of the silverback and other gorillas patiently waiting out the rain. Then it stopped. The sun pushed through the clouds and warmed the gorilla’s secluded hollow. The adult gorillas began nibbling on plants while the youngsters chased one another, romped through the bushes then approached Wolf to see what this big guy was up to. As Wolf focused his lens on a feeding gorilla he was observing through a tunnel of brush, another gorilla dashed by him, nearly knocking him over.

Clearly, he was the visitor here, so he needed to watch out for the gorillas. But this is what makes Volcano National Park so special. For a time, you are able to step into the gorillas’ world and have the rare opportunity to photograph and marvel at these impressive, social creatures as they go about their daily routine.

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Wolfgang is planning another photo tour to visit the gorillas in Rwanda. Please contact him if you are interested in joining him. Email: [email protected]


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