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Wolfgang’s Top 10 — #6 Mongolia


As a professional travel photographer, Wolf has traveled to over 160 countries around the world. We continue the countdown of his top 10 favorite destinations.

by Michelle Alten

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Mongolians are epic equestrians: I can picture them galloping across the grassy steppes as far back as the 12th century – the time of Genghis Kahn. On Wolf’s many trips to Mongolia, he has marveled at skilled horseman racing across infinite, wind-swept plains, clouds dancing overhead. One day he was eyeing a herd of horses grazing outside a ger (yurt). He stopped to photograph and saw the herder outside feeding his sheep and goats. Wolf could not communicate with the man, but through gestures requested permission to photograph the horses. The herder proudly pointed to his own horse and waved to Wolf that he should go for a ride. Wolf, who didn’t have the keen riding skills of a Mongol, thought he should politely accept the gesture. He climbed on the horse, and with his legs flapping like butterfly wings, he galloped, nearly airborne, across the steppe. He trotted back, grateful that he had managed to hang onto the saddle, and humbly handed the reins to the herder who smiled understandingly. Wolf knew that while the Mongolian belongs on a horse, he belonged with his feet on the ground and his hands on his camera.


My friendly herder

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Why does Wolf love Mongolia? It is the scenes of green sprouting in the Gobi desert after a spring rain; it is the evening light, clear and sharp, highlighting towering sand dunes; it is the surprise of edelweiss popping between the rocks on a mountain slope; it is the boldly-colored Buddhist temples and festivals teeming with the faithful; it is the visions of Mongols, who in the time of Genghis Khan, thundered across the steppes to conquer much of the world.


Wolfgang is planning a photo tour to visit Mongolia in June of 2012. Please contact him if you are interested in joining him and keep checking the tour webpage at: http://www.runwiththewolfies.com Email: [email protected]


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