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Wolfgang’s Top 10 — #5 Iceland


As a professional travel photographer, Wolf has traveled to over 160 countries around the world. We continue the countdown of his top 10 favorite destinations.

by Michelle Alten

#5 Iceland

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On his first trip to Iceland, Wolfgang was hiking and camping with a friend. He was enchanted with the diverse landscapes: lush green valleys resting at the feet of volcanoes; rugged moon-like landscapes with lava flows, basalt rock, and volcanic craters; hillsides spilling over with waterfalls; glacial lagoons with ice flows sailing like lonely schooners. Wolf was so enchanted that he traveled around the country for six weeks, rarely putting down his camera. Often it was cool — sometimes drizzly. One day the dampness, slipping through their clothes, began to vex them. Shivering, they approached a hot spring. First testing the water to be sure it wasn’t scorching; they stripped off their clothes and plunged in. Their shivers instantly vanished in the steaming turquoise water.

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In addition to the alluring hot springs and striking landscapes, Iceland offers the traveler great hiking and other interesting subjects for photography. Wolf loves photographing the stocky and affable Icelandic horses with their bushy blond manes and tails. Wandering the island, he also frequently finds farmers on horseback guiding their herds of sheep and colorful, traditional homes, or farm houses with sod roofs. He never runs out of subjects, and Wolf appreciates that from farm houses, to the nature, to the Icelandic people, this is a country that doesn’t put on airs. Void of the self-consciousness of America and other European countries, Iceland and Icelanders boldly flaunt their stunning and natural beauty.

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Wolfgang is planning another photo tour to visit Iceland soon. Please contact him if you are interested in joining him and keep checking the tour webpage at: http://www.runwiththewolfies.com Email: [email protected]



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