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With spring finally here and seeing beautiful fresh, lush plants everywhere, I thought it appropriate to do my photo tip on the color GREEN. Green is another color to have fun with while photographing. Sometimes it is a little bit difficult to bring out the lushness of a subject. Here are a few tips:


If you ever go to Ireland have fun photographing the doors of the houses. They are so colorful! You will find all kinds of colors, especially the color green, such as this one. Go out in the morning or evening, or on an overcast day to avoid harsh shadows.


Green comes in all different shades; from dark green to a light, soft green. When photographing plants I like to bring out the structure of the leaves. Here, in the case of the palm leaf in the Ecuadorian rainforest, I used a soft backlighting to capture the delicate green color, detailed leaf structure and the rain drops.


Green on Green

Boat Ride in Caño Negro, basilisk lizard

If you have a lot of green in your photo, it is important to separate your main subject from your background. On a recent assignment in Costa Rica I carefully approached this Basilisk lizard. I used my 200-400mm lens and kept the aperture wide open to have a shallow depth of field which separated the green lizard from the green background.

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