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Winter in Mongolia


Since it is snowing here in Bellevue today, I thought that a winter photo from Mongolia would be appropriate for today’s post. On my last trip to Mongolia winter was setting in and by the end of October it snowed. We left Ulaanbaatar early morning to make our way out to a remote monastery. I thought that a monastery in snow would make for some great photos. Driving on a narrow road through the steppe we saw a huge herd of horses in the distance. I talked to my guide and off road we went. After about a mile we were greeted by the herders. They told us that they are moving about 300 horses to a new grazing area a few hundred miles away! What a task. This would take a long time. Anyhow, they stopped and wanted to talk to us. They offered us their horses to go for a ride. I guess that time in Mongolia does not matter. The horses in the herd were happy to stop moving and started to nibble on the sparse grass. The hospitality in Mongolia is amazing. Whenever you run into people, everything stops and sometimes it is hard to move on. We are westerners and have a schedule…I wonder what is better?

Run with the Wolfies: Mongolia June 22 – July 6, 2012

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