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Whistler, B.C.: Simmering at the Scandinave SPA


By Michelle Alten

The Scandinave SPA, tucked in a woods hollow, is a great compromise for the armchair skier. Wooden cabins and huts housing saunas, steam baths, and solariums, along with outdoor Jacuzzis and cool water baths, provide hours of invigorating hydrotherapy, while snow-covered cedars and firs with craggy pinnacles sooth the mind. I sat in a Jacuzzi inhaling the Zen of the moment thinking maybe Jung and Freud would approve. Given the primeval forest and wild mountains rising like turrets on a citadel – almost a scene from Lord of the Rings — I rather expected Viggo Mortenson to appear – but no such luck. (See my blog “Whistler BC” for my comments about the film A Dangerous Method about Freud and Jung, starring Viggo Mortenson and others.) After a soothing Swedish massage and a couple hours of steaming, bubbling, and cooling, I had a healthful lunch at the little café. I no longer lamented that I wasn’t darting down the ski slopes.

My only complaint was that, at the little healthy café, dishes came in plastic containers. I would expect a place such as this to show more concern for the environment.

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