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Where the Wild Things Are: Visiting the Minnesota Zoo


By Michelle Alten



They boxed, romped, tumbled and cavorted, reveling in the brisk, cheek-smacking air. The brown bears — or grizzlies — were show-stoppers during our visit to the Minnesota Zoo outside Minneapolis and St. Paul. Like professional wrestlers, they instinctively knew how to put on a good spectacle. We joined a wildly enthusiastic audience to observe the three bears in their habitat, Russia’s Grizzly Coast. The bears, Ursus arctos, seized the merry morning and exhibited the kind of natural, unbridled behavior you would normally only see in the untamed wilds of Alaska. Delighted by the chain of exhibits ranging from the Discovery Bay, with reef life, to the Tropics Tail, with lemurs, monkeys and much more, Wolf and I particularly appreciated seeing animals taking advantage of the natural-like habitats. The zoo is still expanding and a penguin exhibit is expected to open this summer!



Saving the World’s Wild Denizens


The Minnesota Zoo, like other zoos, is collaborating with organizations in global conservation efforts. I find their efforts in China regarding bringing back the South China Tigers, and their work in Namibia, Africa with the Desert Black Rhino especially interesting. Visit their website to learn more about these projects.

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Amur Leopard                                        Sea Dragon



Planning Your Visit:

To learn more about the zoo and details about rates and hours, visit their website: http://www.mnzoo.com/

Admission is pretty hefty at $18 for ages 13-64, but we did feel it was very worthwhile. At least the dollars are supporting good habitats and hopefully their conservation projects.

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