©Wolfgang Kaehler

Using a shallow depth of field for wildlife photography


I took the above photo of the Yellow-eyed penguin on New Zealand’s Sub-Antarctic Enderby 1 island. The penguins were walking down a grassy slope towards the shoreline. I took a few photos similar to the one on the right, but did not like the background. I usually use a telephoto lens, such as my 500mm f/4 to try to separate the subject from the background. By keeping the aperture wide open you can achieve a very shallow depth of field which will blur out the background, like in this photo on the right the grass behind the penguin.  But I still did not like the image. To improve the situation, I moved my tripod to get part of the sea into the background. Still keeping the aperture wide open, focusing right on the penguin, made this a much better composition with a nice even background.

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