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The Palouse – A Photographers Highlight

PALOUSE BARN SOUTH OF UNIONTOWN ALONG HIGHWAY 195 Since I moved to Washington State I have visited and photographed the Palouse several times. The Palouse is one of my favorite areas to take photos of agriculture, barns and rolling fields. I also started to lead photo workshops to this picturesque area and will be back in June of this year.

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Anyone interested in photography will be able to get into technical details as much as he or she would like. Having digital guru Tim Grey aboard, any Photoshop question will be answered. In classroom sessions I will show you how you can improve your images with NIK software and Windows Live. I also will show you how easy it is to produce panoramic images. Or, if you just like to have a great time being out photographing in the beautiful countryside, this is going to be perfect for you.

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This Palouse photo workshop will cover landscape photography, editing images in the field, digital workflow, and many other photography subjects which will come up on a daily basis. Please bring a list of questions.  Here is more information:


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PALOUSE SLIDESHOW at: http://www.wkaehlerphoto.com/phototourslideshow.asp?id=168


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