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Skagit Valley Wildlife Photo Workshop


Snow geese in front of Cascade Mountains

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Saturday I took a group  of students to the Skagit Valley to teach them about wildlife photography. We started at my friend Maynard’s farm where he breeds waterfowl. Having beautiful ducks and geese in front of our lenses close-up, made it easier to get photos of the birds which would be very difficult to photograph in the wild. This also gave me the opportunity to explain the basics about wildlife photography.


Afterwards we started to explore the valley stopping at old barns and daffodil fields. We found thousands of snow geese feeding on grass and weeds in the fields. Whenever a bird of prey, such as bald eagles, flew over the geese, they took to the air. With the snow covered Cascade Mountains in the background, it was quite a dramatic photo. We were hoping to get images of the rising super moon, but just before sunset, clouds started to move in and a good shooting day came to the end.


If you are interested in any of the photo workshops, please email me. Digital Photo Academy offers workshops for beginners, intermediate, and advanced photo enthusiasts every month. www.digitalphotoacademy.com My next DPA workshop is in April and we will go to photograph the tulips of the Skagit Valley.

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