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Sedona–Include an Interesting Foreground


Landscape photography is a specialized field.  I have been admiring well known landscape photographers such as Ansel Adams and David Muench for a long time.  They did their work mostly with 4X5 large format cameras.  Looking at their images you almost never find a photo without an interesting foreground.  It could be a rock, plant, or part of a tree.  The subject and the large depth of field gives images an almost three dimensional feel.  Over the past days I spent a lot of time hiking in the Sedona area (not with a 4X5 camera and a heavy tripod, only with my Nikon cameras and carbon fiber tripod) scouting for an upcoming photo workshop, remembering some of the classic landscape images.  Whenever possible I included something in the foreground such as a Century plant, cacti, or even interesting lines in the rock leading towards my subject.


Some of my photos in this blog have been manipulated with NIK Software.

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