©Wolfgang Kaehler

Seabourn Quest Day 12 – Sarmiento Channel



Amalia Glacier (Nikon D4, 70-200mm)

Sailing among the Chilean Fjords, a milky fog is our constant companion. A hush hangs over the rocky islands — everything is still. Elegant black-browed albatrosses, my favorite seabirds, along with fulmars, lovely blue-grey birds, soar in the breeze alongside the ship . Finally the fog lifts a little and snow-dappled mountaintops appear, while the highest peaks continue to hide in the blanket of clouds. Wolf and Dan Cox spot a fur seal projecting from the water, and they aim their cameras just in time. Dan, Wolf’s good friend and an renowned wildlife photographer, has come on the journey to teach and lecture along with Wolf about photography. The two are on deck helping passengers capture the seabirds in flight. We continue to wind through fjords and straits that surround the islands like an old man’s crooked fingers. Suddenly the two-mile wide Amalia Glacier appears from the brooding fog like a mirage. The light grows brighter bringing out a range of blues in the ice as though it were a piece of Mirano glass.

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