©Wolfgang Kaehler

Pont Du Gard near Nimes

By Michelle Alten

The Pont du Gard early morning in the fog

The Pont du Gard early morning in the fog

All photos © Wolfgang Kaehler, phototours.us

On Easter Monday, a French holiday, we drove to the Pont Du Gard near Nimes (UNESCO World Heritage Site).  The colossal Roman aqueduct, built around 50 AD, is a majestic structure.  The Gardon River mirrors the three tiers of graceful arches in the soft Provencal light.  The French have turned this sight into a stunning park surrounding the monument.  On this holiday, families picnicked by the river, listened to live music, and enjoyed the sunshine while children climbed on rocks at the river’s edge.  The Pont du Gard was a scene of sheer happiness, and it was heartwarming to see so many people taking pleasure in the architectural wonder and the spring day.

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