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Photo Tour to South Africa, Botswana and Zambia


I just returned from a trip to Southern Africa, visiting South Africa, Botswana and Zambia. I have traveled to this part of the world more than a dozen times and every time I say: This is my last trip! However, I lead photo tours and having traveled all over the globe, many people ask me to put custom trips for them together. This trip was not different: a couple who is traveling with me since 1992 and is getting older, asked me to put another trip together to Botswana (they have traveled with me to Botswana 5 times before) in order to see Rhinoceros and African wild dogs.

                                                                                 Sabi Sands Rhinos

After a few months of research I sent them my camps I had selected and we finalized this adventure. I selected Sabi Sands Game Reserve for the Rhinos. We spent 3 days in this private concession and had great rhino sightings, as well as some African wild dogs. One day a big rhino male was lying on the gravel road, sleeping and blocking the way so we had to divert. It was nice to see a rhino female with a 6 months old calf.


Zebra chasing African wild dog

In Botswana we visited 3 different camps, all in a different eco-system. In the Savuti area we found a group of African wild dogs and followed them on a hunt. They run into a group of zebras, which are usually not on the wild dog menu. The zebras were alert and kept in eye on the wild dogs. When the dogs came close, the zebras charged them. It was interesting to watch the interaction. On the first evening we spotted three beautiful male lions. They were brothers and being still young, they were establishing their territory. The next day we found the lions feeding on an elephant baby which probably died on natural causes.

Savuti lion brothers

In the Vumbura area we enjoyed watching a female leopard which had a Cape buffalo baby kill. Hyenas were trying to steal the carcass and the next day we saw a hyena running with part of the buffalo. Another sad story: we saw a group of Sable antelope, an endangered species, which was hunted in the past for its beautiful horns. The male was stunning and impressive. The next morning we saw them all spread out and got to 4 lionesses feeding on this big male. That’s how nature goes, the lions don’t know about endangered animals and they have to eat.

Sable antelope



Going on to Zambia a visit to the famous Victoria Falls is a must. Depending on the flow of water, sometimes all you see is the spray these falls create. These falls are almost twice as high as Niagara Falls in North America. They share the border with Zimbabwe and Zambia. For me it is always interesting to visit these falls and try to capture the rainbows above the falls.



Victoria Falls with rainbow


A Leopard stalking through grass

I took a group for the first time to South Luangwa National Park in Zambia – and I can’t wait to go back. The camp was small (only for 14 people) and the staff was very personal paying attention to everyone’s needs. The wildlife we saw included leopards, wild dogs, hippos, Puku antelopes, Crawshay’s zebras, Thornicroft’s Giraffes, Cape buffaloes, Yellow baboons and many species of birds, including the seldom seen Peels fishing owl at night, sitting on the bank of a river.


Yellow baboon teenagers

Peels fishing owl

Yellow-billed storks

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