©Wolfgang Kaehler

Pantanal: in search of the jaguar – Day 5


Back on the river at dawn, Wolf and the group scout for jaguars and other wildlife. They spot a jaguar swimming across. Its sharp yellow eyes scan the river. At the beach, it slips from the water, its sleek coat glistening. The jaguar doesn’t stay long; it disappears into the bush. In the afternoon capybaras gather at the water’s edge, as though waiting for us to come by. A group stands on a bluff, like cast bronze statues, watching the river. Further down baby capybaras, nurse on the beach. Their mothers seem unconcerned by our presence. One baby has a severely injured nose and walks with a limp: we speculate that it may have been attacked by a jaguar. We count five babies; maybe a sixth didn’t survive. Along the river, different species of kingfishers and herons eye the water for fish. A large billed tern, with a yellow beak, black tail and cap, and smoky grey wings perches on branch.





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