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Lost Luggage

I am sitting in Germany without my luggage.  Two days ago I flew from Seattle on Air France to Paris and on to Dusseldorf. My flight was delayed and I missed my connection in Paris. I went to the Air France transfer desk and they rebooked me onto the next flight which was leaving in 6 hours. They also took my luggage tag and gave me a new one for the flight I was going to take. Supposedly they were going to get my suitcase and put the new tag on. I arrived in Dusseldorf and after 20 minutes the luggage started to come. I was waiting and my suitcase did not come. I checked about 300 suitcases standing next to the luggage belts…nothing. I filled out the forms at the lost luggage counter and was hoping that the suitcase would come with the next flight.

The next day I checked the website and saw that they were still looking for the suitcase. I called the customer service line and got a recording in German and English to leave my name and the record number and they would call me back. Nothing happened. 4 hours later I called again and left another message. Nothing happened. The next day I called again…nothing happened. Now I called the Air France customer service number and reached someone after holding for 10 minutes. She took down all my information and promised me to send everything to Paris…your luggage probably will be sitting there…

6 hours later I checked the website and my luggage was still not found….

To be continued…

If you have a “great” lost luggage story or know someone with a good story, please send it to us!

Thank you.

Wolfgang Kaehler

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