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A few years back Wolf traveled to Libya visiting Tripoli, Benghazi and Sabratha. At the time, it was Ramadan, the Islamic time for fasting. Each day Muslims fast until sunset which meant that all the restaurants, stores and markets were closed. On the way to Leptis Magna, the site of an ancient Roman city, Wolf drove through a small town. It was lunch time and his kind driver and guide were determined to find him something to eat. Searching around, they found a stand where a glass case was filled with fresh French baguette. They gave Wolf a loaf of bread and left money for the vendor. Wolf was gratefully ate the bread and drank bottled water to give himself energy for his afternoon shoot.

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When he reached Leptis Magna a storm began to lumber in. Cumulus clouds, the size of football fields, created a dramatic backdrop for the great Roman city’s well-preserved ruins.

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We would like to share Wolf’s images of this fascinating land and its rich archaeological sites as we think of the Libyan people who are struggling to determine their country’s future.


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