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Japan Day Two

Hiking through the forest, we came to a spot where an Ezo Fukuro (owl) was nestled in a burl.  It opened one eye, peered at us and then continued its daytime slumber.  As in many cultures, the owl is a symbol of wisdom to the Ainu, the indigenous people of Hokkaido.

Ezo Fukuro

Ezo Fukuro

The Japanese Cranes provided a spectacle again today—springing many feet into the air, they leap and flutter in an ethereal dance.  At feeding time they peck quickly at the fish, which are too big to swallow whole.  If they are not fast, eagles swoop down to snatch their meal.  Occasionally taking flight, the cranes stretch their elegant necks and display the epitome of grace as they soar over the snow-blanketed fields.   It is no wonder these stunning birds are considered good luck to the Japanese.


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