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Iceland Photo Tour June 2017 – Posts from the Wolfies

We had a great trip to Iceland, circumnavigating the island and crossing through the highlands. We saw a lot of birds, waterfalls, beautiful horses, architecture and landscapes.

Here are some photos from the Wolfies. Please have a look at the videos as well:

Dave & Sherri: More Photos

Travelogue-Iceland 17


Grjótagjá Nikon D7200, f/10, 1/250, 300mm, ISO 200, cropped a lot


Nikon D810, f/22, 1/4, 180mm, ISO 80, not cropped


Angel’s Wings
I used my Canon EOS 7D Mark II. Shot at 1/8000 of a sec; f8; ISA 4000; at 400mm. And yes I did noise reduction with Define 2 and cropped it. I also did a lot of adjustments to it in camera raw. (lightroom).


1/640, f6.3, iso 800, D7100, Tamron at 550mm, not cropped Video: Alex video


Strokkur, one of Iceland’s most famous geysers, located in the geothermal area beside the Hvita River.

Lumix FZ2500, ISO 200, f/8, 1/640, Tripod used, Cropped to 5x7

Rays video


Panasonic DC-GH5 Leica DG 100-400 ISO 1600 f/6.3 1/2000. Photo is cropped.


Camera = Fuji X-T1, ss = 1/420s, f-stop = f5.6, ISO = 400, EV = -.03, Lens = X-T1 Fuji 55-200mm,
Focal Length used = 104.9mm, No Crop

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