©Wolfgang Kaehler

Dec. 20, Drake Passage

The wind was down and the notorious Drake Passage was calm. The Seabourn Quest is making almost 20th knots an hour, which probably led to my fastest crossing ever. I am on my 27th trip to Antarctica and usually lecture on much smaller expedition ships which can go maybe 13 knots under good conditions. Because of the calm weather conditions, the birds did not follow the ship. From time to time a Black-browed albatross or a Wandering albatross was seen, but nothing like a windy passage were the birds come close to the ship.


Black-browed albatross, Nikon D4, 200-400mm lens

A big surprise was when we spotted our first iceberg right after lunch.  It was in the middle of the Drake Passage and it is unusual to see the so far north.



Chinstrap penguins resting on the iceberg.  Nikon D4, 70-200mm lens

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