©Wolfgang Kaehler

Chichen Itza



On a recent trip to Mexico we visited the ancient Maya ruins of Chichen Itza. I have been there before and know how crowded this popular archaeological site can get during the day. We stayed in a hotel right next to the entrance of the ruins and I was at the gate before 8 in the morning. As soon as the gate opened I was the first one to enter. Going straight to the main plaza with the impressive pyramid of El Castillo, I had the place for myself for the next 10 minutes before any other people showed up.


Planning ahead and being early made my day: I was able to photograph the site without the crowds of people. An hour later tour groups started arriving and I concentrated to photograph the details of the interesting rock carvings found on the temples and platforms at Chichen Itza.


Another advantage of going early is that it was still cool and I beat the heat of the day. Of course the light is so much better in the morning than over the noon hours.


Always looking for color!

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