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Camargue and Provence Photo Tour Day 4

Camargue and Provence Photo Tour Day 4

By Michelle Alten

Two stallions

Day 4 –  Before dawn, we headed out to see two stallions.  If they chose to spar, we would have quite a spectacle.  But the horses chose, love and peace, grazing side by side and even nuzzling each other—what a good example they were setting.  Wolf thinks they should be nominated for the Noble Peace Prize!  After shooting them on the placid moors, we went to look for foals.

We found a herd with youngsters of every color in a hidden marsh. Grazing and nursing, the foals were the ideal image of the Camargue’s tranquility.

Later in the afternoon, as sun began to mellow, we drove to a wooded road out near a river.  We waited for two young ladies and a young man who came trotting towards us, herding a group of seven white horses.  With exceptional skills, these enthusiastic and cheerful horse people drove and maneuvered the elegant horses through the trees and then sent them splashing towards us through the water.  The main horsewoman shouted commands to the others as the free horses and riders all synchronized beautifully.

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