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Be careful when renting a car from Dollar in Mexico!


I got very upset when I rented a car from Dollar in Cancun, Mexico. After flying from Seattle to Cancun, traveling for almost 9 hours, we arrived at the Dollar Rent a Car counter to pick up the car we reserved and prepaid through the Dollar website. The young man behind the counter prepared all the paperwork and talked to us about insurance for the car. I told him that I am having insurance through my American Express card as well as my car insurance. He told us (a neighbor from me was renting a car as well) that we are required by Mexican law to purchase insurance. Our paperwork from Dollar did not mention anything at all about this law. All the debating with him did not help and we had to buy additional insurance for the 9 day car rental which added up to $250.00US. Otherwise he would have not released the car.

When I returned home, I contacted Dollar customer service. They checked into this and emailed me back a copy of the rental contract I signed and said that the insurance was optional. This is a scam travelers should know about. Or is it even criminal?

Somehow I get the feeling that the clerk is getting a commission on the car insurances he sells and requires that everyone is buying the insurance, taking advantage of tired travelers. I am would like to warn other travelers about renting cars from Dollar. About two weeks ago I contacted the Dollar Rent a Car headquarters about this issue in order to get a statement from them. I wanted to be fair and include it on my blog, but I have not received a reply.

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