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Arcosanti, an Architectural Experiment


Perched on a ridge overlooking a valley and mesa in Arizona, Arcosanti appears to be a forerunner of today’s sustainable building movement.  In 1970 Italian architect Paolo Soleri began this project referred to as an urban laboratory.  Today the project continues as a work in progress with each building contributing to an urban complex designed to allow residents to interact with both their urban environment and the natural environment while using resources wisely.  Soleri developed a concept called “archology” combining architecture and ecology to create such urban habitats as an alternative to our modern cities.

We toured Arcosanti and learned about how the various buildings are designed and constructed to work together with the environment.  Visiting Arcosanti is a worthwhile activity for anyone interested in architecture and sustainability.

Getting There: Arcosanti is located on Interstate 17 north of Phoenix. Take exit 262 and follow the signs.

For more photos please visit:  www.wkaehlerphoto.com

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