©Wolfgang Kaehler

Antarctica Seabourn Quest Day 10 – At Sea In the Beagle Channel


Seabourn Quest in front of the Garibaldi Glacier


Waking to find mountains and islands shrouded in mist, we cruise the Beagle Channel. Our ship sails into the narrow Garibaldi Fjords to see the Garibaldi Glacier. The prodigious blanket of ice appears amidst the low clouds. A chunk of ice calves from the glacier’s edge, plunging into the water below. This strait, in Tierra del Fuego at the southern tip of South America, is home to albatross as well as condors, Chile’s national birds. It is difficult to spot birds in the fog, but stunning white South American terns swoop above the water


Garibaldi Fjord


Ice pebbles in the Garibaldi Fjord

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