©Wolfgang Kaehler

A short Trip to the Palouse in the Fall


By Michelle Alten

On a trip to Eastern Washington, Wolfgang decided to take me to see the rolling fields of the Palouse. We detoured onto country roads past solitary farms where a hundred-year-old barns began to buckle like an old men facing the wind. Winter wheat and hay fields — now a weave of gold and chocolate — draped like an autumn afghan over the landscape, winding and circling the hillsides. How Van Gogh would have loved these fields swirling in the autumn light! Now I could see why Wolfgang goes back again and again with a camera, seeking out the magical in this unique landscape


As a photographer you are always looking for something different.  Teaching a photography workshop in the Palouse every spring, for me it was a great experience to see this area after the harvest.  It was so different, but the same appeal as in the ‘Green Season’.  Now I could walk into the fields and getting different angles on subjects I photographed many times before.  The only mistake I made was that I did not spent enough time…next time!  I will be back.  Wolfgang Kaehler


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